Co-Sponsored “Queering Global Health” Event at UW

“Queering Global Health”: A critical panel discussion about improving access to quality health care for all people and communities.

Think marriage equality in Washington is the end of the long road marching toward gay rights? Wrong! Health is a basic human right and it is denied to LGBTQ people around the world, including the U.S., on a daily basis.

Want to know more about some of the work being done to help provide health care for all? Come to “Queering Global Health” and discuss this important issue with Charlene Strong (American Gay Rights Activist and Principal at LFB Advocacy Group), Chandan Reddy (Ph.D., Associate Professor of English), and Amie Bishop (MSW, MPH, Senior Program Adviser for Eastern Europe, PATH).

Date: Tuesday, January 22nd

Time: 4:30-6:00pm

Location: HUB 332

Charlene Strong is a nationally respected advocate for social justice and civil rights issues including marriage equality and non-discrimination policies. She is a widely published writer and sought after speaker, presenting to universities, companies, public forums, nonprofits and government agencies across the country including the CIA, the Washington State legislature and the World Affairs Council. Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire appointed Charlene to the prestigious Washington State Human Rights Commission; she is currently serving a new five-year term. Charlene is the subject of the award-winning documentary, “for my wife…” which tells the story of how she became an advocate for equality following the loss of her wife, Kate Fleming (a renowned audio book narrator), in a flash flood in Seattle in 2006. At the hospital Charlene was initially denied access to be with Kate in the moments before she passed away. This discrimination led Charlene to help champion legislation that later became Washington State’s Domestic Partnership Law. Charlene’s advocacy for equality has led her to The White House where she was invited to have a private meeting with President Obama and other dignitaries to discuss marriage equality. Charlene has taken her personal tragedy and created a life mission to advocate for equality and social justice issues.

Chandan Reddy is Associate Professor of English and the author of a number of essays and articles on the topic of race, sexuality and late capitalism. He’s written about the global city, racialized and gendered undocumented workers and the legislation of sexual minority "rights" under international human rights standards as well as on legal epistemologies, critical race theory and queer of color critique. His book, Freedom With Violence: Race, Sexuality and the U.S. State, is out from Duke University Press

Amie Bishop has been at PATH for over 23 years and currently is a Senior Program Director within PATH’s Field Programs division. In this role, she oversees three of PATH’s Country Programs (China, Ukraine, and Zambia), providing technical, program development, management, and strategic planning support and supervision in a variety of areas. Prior to this position, she led PATH’s TB control work, served as Ukraine’s Country Program Leader, and worked for many years on breast and cervical cancer projects as part of PATH’s Reproductive Health program. She has a Master’s Degree in Public Health and a Master of Science degree in Social Work, both from Columbia University. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco in the early 1980s.

In addition to her work at PATH, Amie has served for almost four years on the Board of Directors of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC), which is based in New York City, and will become Co-Chair of the board in February. As part of her role, she frequently meets with LGBT activists from many countries. She and her family are also active in efforts to secure marriage equality in Washington State. In 2009, Amie and her family testified before the Washington State House Judiciary Committee in support of the bill to expand domestic partnership rights, and she published an op-ed in the Seattle Times about that experience.

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Here is our logo (attached with and without a background). As soon as you have the announcement and flyer, I’ll start distributing it.

Are you in contact with any departmental advisers? Or do you have access to the ‘CampusQ’ listserv? If not (to either of those), let me know and we can distribute it through both of those channels.
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We would definitely like to co-sponsor this event with you. How can we help?

As it is right now, we can publicize the event to our listserv (~120 queer STEM students) and could also help promote it through the CampusQ listserv. How else can we help with organizing this event?

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My name is Peder Digre and I am a member of the Department of Global Health Undergraduate Leadership Committee. We have planned a panel discussion entitled "Queering Global Health" to be held in the HUB on January 22nd featuring Charlene Strong, Chandan Reddy, and Amie Bishop. Would oSTEM and/or other organizations you are a part of be interested in co-sponsoring this event? This would entitle merely helping us advertise the event through appropriate channels and allowing us to add your logo to our flyer. Please reply no later than January 10. Please see information about the event and speakers below.


Peder Digre
Global Health Undergraduate Leadership Committee

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