Change time/location for Today’s Seminar

Hi Everyone!

Tom is running late today, so we are pushing the seminar back to 4 pm. Also, please note that the location is Johnson 075.

Thomas Algeo, University of Cincinnati

Title: Recent Progress in Understanding the Largest Biocrisis in Earth History

Abstract: The 252-million-year-old Permian-Triassic boundary represents the largest mass extinction in Earth history. Professor Algeo has worked on this horizon in ~40 stratigraphic sections spanning the globe. His studies have yielded significant new insights, including evidence of (1) a dramatic rise of the Late Permian oceanic oxygen-minimum zone, (2) multiple episodes of upwelling of sulfidic deepwaters in shallow-marine areas, (3) regional crashes in marine primary productivity, (4) a global increase in siliciclastic sediment flux to shallow-marine shelves (thus documenting strong terrestrial-marine connections during this crisis), and (5) large inputs of volcanic ash to some boundary sections.