Geoscience Currents #64: Median and Starting Salaries for Geoscience Occupations in 2011

Geoscience Currents #64: Median and Starting Salaries for Geoscience Occupations in 2011

Geoscience-related occupations have competitive median and starting salaries
when compared to all occupations within the same state. This Currents discusses
the starting salaries of geoscience occupations within 20 states and found that
most were 10% higher than the median salaries for all occupations within that
state. To find out what these starting salaries are and how they compare, check
out Currents #64.

Geoscience Currents are quick snapshots of data pertaining to all aspects of the
geosciences, including trends in geoscience academic programs and students,
funding of geoscience research, employment and salary information, and many
other topics that support geoscience professionals and students in their career
and academic endeavors. Geoscience Currents represent data collaborations with
other societies, employers, and professionals. Topics for these short reports
are often inspired by inquries from the geoscience community.

If you have research related to any of the topics listed above that you would
like to share with the geoscience community, please contact us about guest
authoring a Geoscience Currents.

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