Earth, Space, and Science Tutors Wanted- Winter 2013

Are you looking for a great part-time job?

Student-Athlete Academic Services (SAAS) at the University of Washington is looking for ESS Tutors.

URL for submitting Online Application Materials:

1. TUTORS NEEDED- Earth Space and Sciences

ESS 101 Introduction to Geological Sciences (5) NW
Survey of the physical systems that give the earth its form. Emphasizes the dynamic nature of interior and surface processes and their relevance to mankind and stresses the value of rocks and earth forms in the understanding of past even

ESS 106 Living with Volcanoes (3) I&S/NW
Explores volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on Earth and in the solar system. Examines how volcanoes work and how they affect the environment, life, and human societies. Illustrates principles using local examples of recent volcanism and ancient examples of mega-eruptions. Evaluates the possibility of predicting future eruptions.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Content tutor student-athletes in specific discipline, complete online reports after each session, attend study skills and training throughout the quarter, and assist students with developing quarterly study plans.

Minimum Qualifications:

Tutoring experience is helpful, but we will train you. Must be a patient communicator with ability to both explain material and test for comprehension. Minimum 3.3 or higher GPA in courses you would like to tutor, good study skills, professional work ethic and attitude. Additionally, tutors must be able to balance tutoring appointments with own class schedule.

Educational Benefits:

Tutors are able to sit in on classes (Faculty Liaisons only), work with professors, gain experience as an educator, and develop interpersonal communication skills.

Application deadline for Winter 2013: January 4, 2013 (extended deadline) pay rates are aligned with union pay scale. Pay depends on degree status and experience. Students and non-students are welcome to apply for position. Work Study students are encouraged to apply.

Note: These job classifications are governed by a negotiated labor contract and are subject to union shop provisions. For more information about union shop provisions, visit:

URL for submitting Online Application Materials:

Ms. Ali Washington

University of Washington Athletics –Student-Athlete Academic Services

254/253 Conibear Shellhouse; Box 354070 | Seattle, WA 98195-0470

(p) 206.616.5813|icatutor

Tutor Application URL:

Deadline for Winter Quarter: November 9, 2012

Deadline for Spring Quarter: March 1, 2013


ESS 414/514 Geophysics: Fluids – Win 2013

Hi Everyone,

attached is a flyer for ESS 414/514 Geophysics: Fluids for Winter 2013. This is a great class if you have taken ESS 411 or 511 or if you still need a 400 elective. There is plenty of room and we need a few more bodies in order to run the course.

ESS 414/514
SLN: 14039 / 14055
MWF 1130-1220 in JHN 127