Academic English Linked Courses!

These courses are open to all nonnative English speakers, including those who have already satisfied the English Language Proficiency Requirement. Please share this information with both international and domestic students who would like academic English support:

ESS 101 / ENGL 103 Link
This link is a great way for students to earn 5 W-credits for English 103 and 5 NW-credits for Earth & Space Sciences 101. In English 103, students further explore ideas and materials assigned in ESS 101. The 103 teacher will also help students improve drafts of papers which are also submitted in ESS 101. This is the only section of English 103 that students can receive W-credit for. Students should contact Amy Renehan (arenehan) to register.

ESS 101A (Lecture) meets MWF 230-320, (5 NW credits)
ESS 101AN (Lab) meets M 1230-220
ENGL 103B meets MTWThF 830-920 (5 W credits)

ENGL 103/131 Link
If students would like support with English 131, I strongly encourage they sign up for the “Linked English 103/131 Course” (10 credit hours). The link has been really popular with students because the 103 instructor helps students understand the 131 readings, outline 131 assignments, and enhance their overall academic English skills. Students receive 5 general elective credits for English 103 and 5 composition credits for English 131. Students should contact Amy Renehan (arenehan) to register.

ENGL 103G meets MTWThF 1230-120 (5 general elective credits)
ENGL 131C1 meets TTh 1030-1220 (5 C credits)


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