GSBA scholarships…now $ also available for graduate students

GSBA and Pride Scholarship Applications are now online. Apply once and your
application will go to both organizations and any of the special
scholarships that your qualifications meet. Be sure to spread the word to
your friends and classmates together with the Pride Foundation, we have over
$500,000 to award this year! Applications are due by January 31, 2013 at
5:00 PM. You can access the application online:

More exciting news, *this year the GSBA Scholarship Fund will be awarding
scholarships to graduate students*! You must be a current or past scholar to
be eligible for these graduate scholarships. If you are in graduate school,
considering applying, please apply at the above link. We are so excited to
continue to support you on your next chapter!

Finally, we are looking for volunteers to present our scholarship
opportunities at 3 Seattle high schools. Please let me know if you are
available for any of the dates/times below. As scholars, you have the
ability to connect with applicants and can share your application/interview
experience with them.

Franklin High School–Tuesday, November 6th 12:10p-12:40p

West Seattle High School–Tuesday, November 6th 2:40p-3:40p

Nathan Hale High School–Friday, November 30th 11:45a-12:25p

I look forward to hearing from you and do hope you are able to lend a few
hours to encourage others to apply for our scholarships.


*Jessica Wootten*, *Development Associate & Scholarship Manager*

*Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA)*
400 East Pine Suite 322*, *Seattle WA 98122 | 206.363.9188


CSE 520 Colloquium/eScience seminar – Thursday, November 8, 3:30 pm, EEB-105


Please join CSE 520 Colloquium and eScience Institute on Thursday, November
8, 3:30 pm in EEB-105. Refreshments will be provided.

*Emily Fox** (UW, Statistics)*

Emily Fox is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at the
University of Washington, having joined in 2012 from a prior position at
the Wharton Department of Statistics, University of Pennsylvania. From
2009-2011 she was a postdoc in the Duke Statistical Science Department, and
received her S.B., M.Eng., E.E. and Ph.D. in EECS at MIT. Her doctoral
thesis was awarded the 2009 Leonard J. Savage Thesis Award in Applied
Methodology and the 2009 MIT EECS Jin-Au Kong Outstanding Doctoral Thesis
Prize. Her research interests include Bayesian nonparametrics, Bayesian
dynamic modeling and time series analysis. The work emphasizes methodology
for high-dimensional, sparsely sampled data with applications in
neuroscience, health monitoring, and finance, amongst others.

*Bayesian Dynamic Modeling: Sharing Information Across Time and Space*

* *

In this talk we will highlight some of the benefits and challenges
associated with harnessing the temporal structure present in many datasets.
We focus on Bayesian dynamic modeling approaches, and in particular, the
idea of sharing information across time and "space", where space
generically refers to the dimensions of the time series. We exploit
nonparametric and hierarchical models to capture repeated patterns in time
and similar structure in space, enabling the modeling of complex and
high-dimensional time series. Applications of such approaches are quite
diverse, and in this talk we will demonstrate this by touching upon our
work in the tasks of speaker diarization, analyzing human motion, detecting
changes in volatility of stock indices, parsing EEG, word classification
from MEG, and predicting rates of violent crimes in DC and influenza rates
in the US.

*Upcoming Seminars:*

* November 14, 4 PM (EE303)

*Ian Gorton * (PNNL)

Velo: A Knowledge Management Framework for Modeling and

* November 28, 4 PM (EE303)

*Andrew White * (UW, Chemical Engineering)

Using computational approaches to mimic nature and the
pursuit of blood resistant biomaterials

* December 5, 4 PM (EE303)

*Christos Kozanitis * (UW, Chemical Engineering)

Querrying the genome with GQL

New Career Success Certificate

CAREER SUCCESS CERTIFICATE: Get your EDGE in the competitive job market!

The UW Career Center has just rolled out its brand new Career Success Certificate program, offering undergraduate students a flexible yet structured plan for getting an edge in the job market.

Students who complete all requirements by mid-May will be eligible to participate in a special Employer Networking Event exclusively for CS Certificate graduates.

"What’s in it for me?" you may wonder:

1. Learn about yourself
2. Learn about career options
3. Explore careers that may be a good fit for you
4. Understand the nuts and bolts of the career search
5. Refine your resume, expand your job search skills, improve your interviewing, and
6. Apply these newfound skills when you meet and talk with real employers

Check out our Career Success Certificate website for details!

Lynnea Erickson, PhD

Senior Career Counselor

206-685-4096 (direct)


The Career Center

University of Washington

206-543-0535 (main)

134 Mary Gates Hall, Box 352810

University of Washington

Seattle, WA 98195-2810