AEG WA Section Dinner Meeting Announcement November 15, 2012 AND Landslide meeting

Thanks to Julia Turney and Brian Beaman for volunteering for the City of Seattle Landslide workshop this past Saturday!! We still need 2 more for Saturday, November 10, 2012 10 AM-noon. People who have volunteered comment that it is a great experience. Let me know if you are interested or want more information.

Sat., November 10 at Northgate Community Center 10:00-12:00



Our next AEG dinner meeting will be on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at the Ivar’s Salmon House, west of the UW, 401 NE Northlake Way. Dr. Thomas Pratt (USGS, UW)will present on Fracture mechanics at a large scale: Central Washington’s faults, folds and OWL. Please see attached announcement with the dinner meeting details and RSVP instructions.

Please RSVP to Matthew von der Ahe at secretary. Please RSVP by 5 PM on November 12th.No shows will be billed.

Note: AEG Student Membership is now free. Please follow this link and click on the orange membership tab if you are interested in becoming a member of AEG.

Please note that we have tentatively scheduled a planning meeting at 4:30 PM (at Ivar’s) for the annual AEG 2013 meeting that will be in Seattle. All interested parties are welcome to attend and hear from annual meeting co-chairs Kathy Troost and Mark Molinari.

Check out our website:


Elson "Chip" Barnett, LG, LEG
AEG WA State Section Chair | GeoEngineers, Inc.

Telephone: 425.861.6019
Fax: 425.861.6050
Mobile: 425.765.2183
Email: cbarnett

8410 154th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052



Geoclub Update!

Hi Friends!I hope everyone had a good Halloweekend. Just a reminder about some of the GeoClub events going on TOMORROW.

First (grad students can skip this part), Bruce Nelson will give a presentation tomorrow covering everything you need to know about applying to grad school. If you have even thought about going to grad school you should come to this presentation. It doesn’t matter what your major is, just come and learn something. This will be ESPECIALLY useful for students that still have a couple years before graduation, since there are some things you need to start thinking about now. Feel free to bring friends that are not in GeoClub, the more the merrier!

Second, Halloween Movie Night is also TOMORROW! After Bruce’s awesome talk about applying to grad school GeoClub will host a special screening of the 1990 classic, Tremors. "Natives of a small isolated town defend themselves against strange underground creatures which are killing them one by one (taken from IMDB). Seriously, this is a classic 90’s movie staring the one and only, Kevin Bacon who plays the…wait for it…seismologist who detects the creatures. You know it’s gotta be good. Here is the trailer.

We’ll provide snacks, you just get to sit back and enjoy. Costumes are definitely encouraged, and feel free to bring any and all your friends! There will be a prize for Best Costume so bring your A-Game.

See you cats tomorrow!

Winter 2013 Course Announcement: Navigating Career Options

Curious how to link college to careers? Do you need to choose a major? Not sure what academic and career options are out there? About to graduate but not sure what to do next? Interested in finding ‘what is right for you’? Wondering what you can do and how to think in a challenging economy? Looking for support in figuring things out? Look no further.

Course Topics: * Career Options/Exploration * Experiential Learning * Internships * Job and Internship Searching * Social Media * Networking * Resumes, Cover Letters & Interviewing * Strengths * Career fairs * Personal & Contextual Influences on decision making and option exploration * Informational interviewing

General Studies 350D, Navigating Career Options, is a 3 credit course and includes a lecture and quiz sections. Students register for the lecture and one quiz section. We are team-teaching this class. Guest speakers from throughout our campus and city will interact with students in both the lecture and sections. We will incorporate a variety of events and career programming into this course. Students will participate in activities throughout the course that addresses different learning styles. There is no text book for this course. Assignments for this course involve written reflection pieces, informational interview write up, career and academic research assignments, career event write-up, resume and cover letter development. Course materials will be provided. No pre-requisites needed for this course. This course is open to all undergraduate UW students. This is a 3 credit course, graded CR/NC. Credit will be awarded based on class attendance, participation, completion of assignments. Questions about this course – please contact Patrick Chidsey [The Career Center]: chidsey

Lecture (SLN: 14380), Tuesdays, 3:00-4:20, Johnson 102

(4) Sections offered at various times Wednesday & Thursday


“this class had an opportunity for me to think about who I really am”

“this class should be required”

“lectures should be filmed and available for all undergraduates at UW to view online. This class should be required”

“I really enjoyed quiz section”

“I wish I would have taken this class before I was a senior”

“this is one of the most practical classes on campus”

“I have already recommended my friends to take this class”

“I think every student struggling to find a major or even in a major should take this class, it is very helpful. I think it helps

you grow as a student”

“hands on practical exercises and one-on-one help was very positive”

“I liked knowing that I am not the only one feeling the way I do about job options”

“the thing that I liked the most was I was able to find some career path and I found some interests”

“finding out more about myself was very helpful”

“employer panel was really helpful”

“resume help and small group discussions were great”

“talking in smaller groups was a good way of practice and applying interviewing skills. I found it to be very useful and it’s

helped me gain more confidence in myself”

“I think that group discussions were very useful because you got to learn about what others were doing and their

backgrounds which could really help you out. I learned a lot from all the activities”

“I thought the quiz section was very helpful and it really buckled you down in a good way, meaning, sometimes you

don’t do what’s good for you because you might be lazy but this was a good push to get you started”

“I found working with other in different majors and age groups, helpful”

“I liked being able to talk with advisers and have them advise me about interests and my major”

“the portion of the class where we looked specifically at our skills and experiences was really helpful for me and I think it

applied well to everyone in the class. I enjoyed the small group discussions.”

“I really found it valuable learning about other’s experiences here at UW and splitting up to work in groups [on resumes,

on interviewing, etc.]. I felt my section instructor was really invested in our progress and felt they really supported us.”

“basically, all of the class was useful”

“great class! Getting all these resources and having speakers/panels. They were resources I never knew existed. “

“going through the career guide, taking professional online tests and watching RoadTrip Nation was informative”

“The group activities helped me by being able to see other people’s reasons for being in majors and helped me reflect

on why I’m in school and what I want to do”

“most useful was definitely real life examples and relating what we are learning to actual experiences”

“I think the most useful things are the resources we got from class. As a freshmen, I got a lot out of the websites about

working or ‘how to get a job’. I also like the skills activities and practicing stuff.

“strengths, skills and values were most important topics that benefitted me the most”

“I like the variety of options you offered for the final project – I think other students liked it too!”

“I liked how it encouraged learning some very practical skills (resume, cover letter, interviewing) when going into the job

market and in deciding which major to pick”

“I liked how the class prepared me for the job seeking process from researching to interviewing, very thorough”

“I thought all the speakers that came in were excellent and remarkably inspiring”

“I liked the support & passion from the teachers”

“I gained more knowledge and confidence in myself and I was motivated to talk to a lot of people who were interested

in my career profession”

“I really enjoyed the organization of the class and how one topic seamlessly led to the next”

“I really liked the personality assessment, guest speakers and learning about good experiences”

“I enjoyed listening to guest speakers, watching online clips and participating in class discussions”

“this class helped in me finding personal direction, and in building some skills for career search, and is also a great way

to access a lot of university resources in one place”

“I think that every first year student should be required or strongly recommended to take this class for these are skills

that should be learned as soon as possible. In addition to the knowledge I was given, I was able to develop relationships

with UW staff that I would not have otherwise pursued”

“this class opened my eyes up to various options”

“I would recommend this class because it probably was one of the most important classes I’ve taken and it an apply to

anyone. “