RIDE IN THE RAIN!!! – sign up now!

REPLY TO ADAM CAMPBELL (campbead@uw.edu)

November is Ride in the Rain month! It’s time to fix those flats, true them wheels and grease your chain. Ride in the Rain is a competition where commuters log their rides to and from school each day. ESS is pretty awesome at these kind of events and has done well in the past. Let’s keep it up!

Even if you don’t ride that often you should still participate! We’ll organize people on to appropriate teams. So don’t worry about dragging your team down if you’re the kind of person who only rides in twice a week.

If you want to participate, email me, Adam Campbell (campbead) with:
– how many days per week you plan to commute (include weekends)
– approximate length of your total commute
– if you’re a New Commuter (defined liberally)
– if you’ll be gone for any length of time during November.

Once I have everyone’s info I’ll engineer and organize the teams.

If you need more info go here: