new anti-classist group meets this Wednesday


First meeting:

Wed. Oct. 24th


Q Center (HUB 315)

Please come to the first meeting of classMATTERS, where we will discuss issues around class, capitalism, poor-shaming, access, and the oppressive nature of academia itself.

This group is open to anyone of any class standing, but is intended to center the experiences and voices of poor, working class, homeless, uninsured and/or undocumented people. Come to the first meeting to help shape the direction of the group. Please think about whether you would like to meet once or twice per month, and whether we should be an open discussion group, a closed group for folks on the receiving end of class oppression, or a conversation group that incorporates direct action.

Though we are meeting in the Q Center, this group is not exclusively queer, but please be aware of the space you are in, and always uphold its values.

Check out the Facebook event: