CoEnv Student Meeting Fund Deadline Oct 31. – Funding for student travel, conferences, meetings

College of the Environment Student Meeting Fund

Autumn Quarter Deadline: October 31, 2012

Student Meeting Fund

The College of the Environment (CoEnv) supports undergraduate, Masters, and PhD students in furthering their careers, and in particular in connecting students to networking opportunities afforded by the presentation of their original work in meeting venues. CoEnv supports two types of student attendance at meetings:

· Student-Organized Meetings (maximum of $1,500 or 20% of total expenditures, whichever is smaller; one per organization annually; maximum of 4 awards given out annually)

· Individual Travel to Meetings (maximums of $300 for North American travel and $500 for all other international travel; one per student per degree career;

maximum of 10 awards given out annually)

Individual Student Travel to Meetings

CoEnv realizes that presentation of original work at national or international meetings hosted by scientific/academic societies can truly accelerate the career of a student. Because grant and contract funding, unit-based funding sources, and/or individual resources are occasionally not enough to cover travel expenses, the CoEnv will competitively award travel grants to individual students on a one-time basis who are giving oral presentations of their original work (including co-authored work where the student is first author).

Applications for CoEnv funding must include a one page proposal listing:

1. meeting title, location, and organizing institution

2. presentation title

3. an explanation of how attendance will advance your career (200 words, max)

4. total estimated budget, broken down into major budget categories

5. total amount requested from CoEnv, and amount(s) received/requested/anticipated from all other sources

In addition, a letter of support from the advisor is required, including a statement explaining why grant/contract support is not available to cover all expenses.

Within one month of the meeting, you must submit a brief synopsis (250 words max) documenting how meeting attendance advanced your career, listing any awards/honorable mentions you received, and a final budget documentation. Failure to submit a timely report will result in further student travel awards to current/future members of your laboratory being suspended.

CoEnv will not provide support for: alcohol; accommodation or food above per diem or actual expenses, whichever is less; stipend or salary; attendance to local chapter meetings of national/international organizations; attendance to student-organized meetings

Student-Organized Meetings

CoEnv supports a range of student organizations that organize and host meetings attended by CoEnv students where central goals of the meeting include linking science (natural and/or social) to policy or real world application; and interdisciplinary attendance realized within CoEnv as attendance and presentation by students from multiple units within the College. CoEnv will competitively award grants to student organizations for partial funding of interdisciplinary, student-run meetings at which CoEnv students are presenting original (including co-authored work where the student is first author) work.

Applications for CoEnv funding must include a two page proposal listing:

Title of the requesting organization, with a list of student officers and highlighting any

· CoEnv students.

· An explanation of the event, including how the meeting furthers the mission of the

· College and the careers of attending students (350 words, max).

· Planned location and dates.

· Intended audience, including total estimated attendance, and specific attendance by students from CoEnv units.

· Total estimated budget, broken down into major budget categories.

· Total amount requested from CoEnv, and amount(s) received/requested/anticipated from all other sources (please include any proposed registration fees as one source).

Following the meeting, a brief report documenting total expenditures, total attendance, a list of all CoEnv students attending, and a list of any CoEnv student winning presentation awards, must be submitted. Organizations failing to submit reports will
not be funded in the future.

CoEnv will not provide support for: alcohol; non-student (including keynote or plenary speaker) attendance; conference-organizing contractors; within-unit annual student symposia.

Submission Process

Meeting grants, whether individual or from a student organization, can be submitted via e-mail to coenvaadon a quarterly basis, by the quarterly deadline.

Submissions should be planned such that travel can be accomplished within 6 months of the date of the award, otherwise the award may be retracted. Submissions outside of these dates will not be considered.

Autumn Quarter 2012 Deadline: October 31, 2012

Review Process
All complete applications will be reviewed by the College of the Environment Student Scholarship and Funding Committee, comprised of faculty and staff who are advisory to the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Diversity. The Committee will submit recommendations, together with a brief explanation, to the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and Diversity, who will make the final funding decisions. Because of the continuing nature of this funding cycle, the Associate Dean reserves the right to sub- select from highly ranked applications in any single quarter, to balance out awards annually.

*Please contact Michelle Hall, Director of Student and Academic Services, coenvaad with questions about the Student Meeting Fund.