ShakeOut Today at 10:18!

The Shakeout earthquake drill is today! Remember to drop, cover, and hold on at 10:18! For more info on how to protect yourself in an earthquake for a range of situations, see the attached pdf. For more info about the drill and earthquake hazard see and

On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 2:04 PM, ESS Advising <essadv> wrote:

On October 18 at 10:18, you are invited to join the rest of the ESS department and “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” as part the 2012 Great Washington ShakeOut!

Practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold on” on 10/18 at 10:18 so that it is an instinct when an earthquake actually happens.

The Drill recording will be broadcast on local radio and TV stations, or download a mp3 recording at this site:


More information about UW participation and earthquake preparedness can be found at: and