Call for Papers — Undergraduate Ethics Symposium

October 2012

Dear Director of Environmental Studies,

The Prindle Institute for Ethics at DePauw University is sponsoring the sixth annual Undergraduate Ethics Symposium, April 11-13, 2013. The forum is shaped around a series of workshops in which students present their best analytic and/or creative work on a subject of ethical concern. This year the theme of the Symposium is Ethics and the Environment; however, we welcome submissions on all areas of ethical concern – such as personal morality, business ethics, bio-medical ethics, media ethics, feminist ethics, and diversity issues – so long as the submissions are received by the February 1, 2013 deadline.

This is an honors symposium, so we will only accept about 25-30 submissions. Each participant will be in a seminar led by a visiting scholar or artist; the seminars will consist of seven to ten students each. In these small groups, students will benefit from the critiques and comments of their peers.

For those students accepted to the symposium, DePauw will cover travel expenses (up to $400), lodging and meals while at DePauw University.

We would greatly appreciate your posting the attached flyer, sharing this information with faculty and encouraging students in your classes to submit their work. If you would like further information on the visiting scholars/artist or the tentative schedule, please write Nicki Hewell, the Prindle Graduate Fellow, (elizabethhewell) or visit our website (

Claudia Mills
Frederick Distinguished Visiting Professor of Ethics, The Prindle Institute for Ethics

2012 Undergraduate Ethics Symposium

Responses from Participants on their “experiences”

Grace Benson, Duke University
The symposium was a wonderful way for me to connect with fellow student scholars, be exposed to new theories, and share and receive feedback on my own ideas. I loved discussing such fascinating topics and making good friends in the process! It is a unique experience that everyone should take advantage of.

Mohammad Usman, DePauw University
Remarkable – perhaps the most intellectually and academically stimulating experience I have ever had that’s taken place over a two-day period.

Candace Jordan, Haverford College
I really appreciate how intimate group discussions are and how much time and care are put into discussing each work.

Kristin Rose, Harvard University
The symposium was an engaging exercise in sharing ideas, learning from peers and thinking about tough questions. The conversations did not stop at the end of the structured seminar time and that was really powerful.

Emily Philipp, University of Minnesota
This was such a wonderful experience! So rarely do we all have an opportunity to come together and discuss such pertinent issues of our time with passionate scholars and intellectuals of all ages and disciplines

Amanda Feller, DePauw University
Our generation focuses so much on not talking to each other – we text, email, call, but we rarely speak to each other. It is nice to know that there are people my age who will sit down with one another and voice our concerns of today’s society.

Stevenson Smith, University of Utah
My experience here at the ethics symposium was absolutely incredible. It was extremely rewarding to be around so many mentors (leaders here at the institute, visiting professors, and fellow students) that were able to help me with my own work as well as open my eyes to the vast and diverse theories and opinions on the huge spectrum of ethical questions and problems.

Nelson Igunma, The City University of New York
Coming to this symposium made me realize the great thirst I had for rigorous and sustained discussion on ethical issues.

Sara Snyder, The George Washington University
I love the UES mostly because it was about sharing stories. From getting to know fellow participants personally and professionally, along with the highly accomplished speakers, my knowledge has grown leaps and bounds in only 2 days. Just being able to sit and talk and think was the greatest strength of the conference.

Elizabeth Vega, Berea College
Attending the Prindle was like opening up boxes of inquiry… each presentation, each conversation, both private and public, led to questions… Many I had never even thought to ask.

Nicki Hewell
Graduate Fellow
The Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics
DePauw University
P.O. Box 37
Greencastle, IN 46135
765-658-5021; fax 765-658-4314