Looking for Climate Change Fighters

Hello there,

My name is Cathy Taveras and I work with MTV. I’m looking for students between the 18-28 range, undergraduate or graduate is fine, who are making an impact on climate change. For now I am just seeking information on what students are doing across the country to tackle the issue of climate change, but I do not know what I could turn into in the future. I’ll put all my contact information down below if you want to forward it to the students. Also, I have listed a few questions I would like the students to answer upon contacting me, if that’s ok with you?

Tell me about yourself, basic bio: Name, age, degree, what year you’re in?

When/why did you start you initiative?

What do you feel is your role when it comes to helping the planet?

What most concerns you about the direction our country is heading when it comes to energy?

Where do you collect your news/data about climate change?

Contact Information:

Cell Phone: (954) 778-8935 (Feel free to text)

Alt Email: 1heartopened

FB: http://www.facebook.com/cathytaveras

Twitter: @heartopened

Thank you so much,

Cathy Taveras

Digital/Social Media Intern at MTV Scratch

Office: (212)846-8493