Speculative Fiction Journal Seeks Writers and Editors

Greetings artists, readers, writers and poets! It’s us, AU: UW’s Speculative Fiction Journal!

Firstly, welcome to the newcomers! It was great to meet so many of you at the RSO fair last week, we’re excited to see what creative accomplishments you will bring to AU this year!

Secondly, the fall quarter is well underway and so it’s time announce the theme for this quarter’s journal!


Many of you will have left your homelands for pastures new recently, or perhaps you think of Seattle as your homeland. Either way it’s our hope that your experiences will engender your imagination and let your minds run wild. Homeland is a great and enduring sci-fi and fantasy theme, from a Hobbit venturing from his to go on an extraordinary journey, to a Battlestar leaving everything behind in search of a new beginning, a girl on fire retaking a nation for it’s people, or a Time Lord forced to lay waste to his home in order save the universe. The potential is endless and we look forward to seeing what fantasies and fictions you bring to your prose and poetry for this issue.

The deadline for submissions is October 29th, 11:59p.m. The word limit is 3,000 words. We gladly accept submissions from UW students, staff, faculty, alumni, squirrels, seagulls and displaced souls but we do ask for a former or current affilication with the University.

Calling Artists

If you’re an artist and have a great idea for some Homeland art then get in touch, we’re looking for not only cover art submissions but also smaller pieces to compliment the prose and poetry in this edition!

Budding Editor?

As we transition into a new year of AU we’ve been handed the reins from last year’s editorial staff, but AU is a mighty beast indeed and we need some help!

If you would be interested in joining us as an editor this year then please send an email to strayingfromreality with the subject line EDITOR and tell us a little about why you want to work for AU, what prior experience you have and what you think you can bring to the job

Deadline for applications for the editorial position is October 12th, 11:59p.m.

For more info, check out our website: strayingfromreality.

Merry Fall to you all,

Dave & Wanda