Early-Career Science Blog: Call for Contributors

Call for Contributors:

I’m writing to introduce you to a new outlet for science communication and collaboration. A number of my fellow early-career ecologists and I recently started a blog with the goal of providing young scientists with a place to write, communicate, and collaborate. We currently have eight PhD students/candidates and post-docs contributing content. And, we’re looking for more! Our aim is to have contributors from all fields of ecology across many universities/agencies and from many countries. The blog is new, but I think this provides a nice opportunity for contributors to not only write but to also shape the site itself. We are striving to make this effort as far-reaching and collaborative as possible. Here is a link to our page:


Our ‘more formal’ blurb:

The "Early Career Ecologists" blog is hosted and written by a collaborative group of early-career scientists. Our contributors work in a variety of systems (forests, riparian areas, deserts, the arctic tundra) and study a variety of species (from pines to microbes) all across the globe (from Alaska to Antarctica). We hope to encourage enthusiasm for and understanding of our systems beyond our own tiny, academic circles. The objectives of this blog are to: 1) increase public awareness through science communication, 2) provide a venue for early-career ecologists to communicate their science, and 3) promote interdisciplinary collaboration within the next generation of academics and researchers. Blog posts will vary in topic and format, ranging from the interpretation of complex scientific articles to posts on a day in the field. And, we are continually looking for new contributors! Follow us via our blog or on Twitter (@EarlyCareerEcol). Contact us directly at ecologists.earlycareer.

Sarah Bisbing
PhD Candidate
Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, FRS
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523