AEG 2013 Annual Meeting

Dear AEG Members and Friends,

The 2013 AEG Annual Meeting will be in Seattle in 2013 and in conjunction with that meeting, the WA section will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. We are the oldest non-California section.

We want to showcase our section as much as possible. A couple of ideas have surfaced: a poster displaying the History of the WA Section, photographs/descriptions of original and honorary members, and photographs highlighting some of our region’s cool older (and newer) projects. Good examples would be the Mt. St. Helen’s highway, removal of the Elwa Dam, construction of the floating bridges, Mt Baker ridge tunnel, etc.

I made a poster of our section’s history for AEG’s 50th celebration. We need to update that and include more photographs of early members. Please pass along any photographs or historical tidbits to help upgrade our poster.

Also, please pass on ideas, facts, and pics about some of our region’s engineering and environmental geology projects that should be included. This effort is huge and we need to get started ASAP.

Would any of you like to volunteer to update the poster, or take on the task of organizing and displaying the projects.

Do you have any other ideas for our celebration, like preparing a poster of all of our sections field trips, or building a family tree of all of the firms in our region…a history of how the various firms in our region came to be…e.g. Hart Crowser formed when some folks left S&W, Aspect formed when some folks left Hart Crowser, etc?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy your summer!

Kathy Troost and Mark Molinari
AEG 2013 Annual Meeting Co-chairs.


Kathy Troost