New Walk-in Service at Hall Health Mental Health

Please disseminate widely:

Starting August 1, Mental Health Clinic at Hall Health Center will pilot a new work flow procedure to handle screenings and provide services to patients who walk in requesting services or call in the morning at 206-543-5030, option #4. There will be a Provider Of the Day (POD) available both mornings (from 9 to 11) and afternoons (from 1 to 3) to meet with patients for screening and consultation services, as well as for urgent intakes.

The Same Day Need (SDN) services provided will include crisis intervention; requests for resources; and community and primary care provider consult requests. Michaela will continue to carry the SDN pager (206-583-1551). On days when Michaela is out, the POD will cover SDN services, and if the POD is out Michaela will cover those services. Please see chart below indicating role responsibilities.

Differences between POD and SDN Functions


Walk-in patients
Crisis intervention

Phone Screenings
Deal with requests for resources

See patients seeking therapy referrals
Consults with PCC/FH/WC

Urgent Intakes
Carry crisis pager

Brief therapy/Single visit
Community outreach requests

Coverage for SDN as needed
Coverage for POD as needed

If a patient requests services, and is not sure whether their need is urgent, that request should be directed to SDN. If you have any questions about the new procedure, please call the Mental Health Clinic.

Please note that the above workflow is for **counseling requests only**. Medication evaluation requests go via the main front desk for routine scheduling. Urgent medication evaluation requests may be routed to Michaela or POD if she in unavailable. Michaela will be routinely reviewing all the urgent referrals to MH.

Thank you.