Fall 2012 teaching opportunity at Colorado College

Eric Leonard, professor in the Geology Department at Colorado College, asked me to let you know about a team-teaching opportunity at Colorado College this fall. An excerpt from his message that describes the opportunity is below. Please contact Eric Leonard (eleonard) or Christine Siddoway (csiddoway) for more information.
From: Eric Leonard <ELeonard>
Subject: Last minute teaching possibility

Due to high enrollments in our 2nd-level majors class we are looking for a PhD candidate or recent grad to team-teach the class with CC faculty for one or two months this coming fall. The course is two "blocks" long (blocks are intense 3 1/2 periods during which students take only one class and faculty teach only one). The first block, which will be essentially the month of October, focuses on physical processes (defomation/structure, surface processes, and a bit of geophysics) and is probably much like ESS 211, except with more field work. The second block focuses on chemical processes (min, pet, geochem, soils). Christine Siddoway will be teaching the first block, Henry Fricke the second (November +/-), and with a full class, we really need a team-teacher for each block. I suppose that ideally we’d like to find a person who could team-teach both blocks, but we’d also be happy to find one person for each block.

If you have any other students or recent grads to think might be interested and capable for either or both blocks, we’d really appreciate it if you let them know about it and send along their names to either Christine or me.

Best regards,Eric