Reminder: eScience seminar: Sinan al-Saffar (PNNL) Scalable Semantic Graph Analyses,Tuesday, July 31st, EE 303 4-5pm

eScience Community:

Please join us Tuesday, July 31st, 4-5pm in EE303. Refreshments (drinks and
pizza) will be provided.

*Sinan al-Saffar* (Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Senior Computer Scientist, PNNL – Seattle, WA

Sinan al-Saffar investigates methods of knowledge discovery from semantic
data by applying scalable algorithms to complex graph models. Operating at
the intersections of the semantic web and high-performance computing, Dr.
al-Saffar is a lead contributor to the efforts to build a semantic graph
database engine and applications on the massively threaded Cray XMT
supercomputer at the Pacific Northwest National Lab. Sinan’s industry
experience includes high-performance database systems where as a member of
Oracle’s Server Technologies RAC team he helped create Oracle’s 9i-Real
Applications Cluster, their flagship multiprocessor database server. Prior
to his contributions to the RAC project, he designed and coded scalable
database software for the mobile production division at Qualcomm. Dr.
al-Saffar received his Ph.D. in Semantic Information Valuation from the
University of New Mexico and his M.S. in HPC and Fault tolerance computing
from Arizona State University.

*Scalable Semantic Graph Analyses *

Semantic graphs have been employed as labeled, directed, and typed
mathematical models that trigger logical inference when connected to
ontologies. These graphs are richer than simpler relational or social
networks models and are increasingly being used in applications ranging
from bioinformatics to information analytics. In this talk we present our
work with semantic graph datasets and describe the tools and methods we
developed to help not only analyze but also interpret what the data is
telling us. We are concerned with very large data sets constituting graphs
with billion of labeled edges and typically require the utilization of HPC
based methods with applications to real-world biological, web, and
synthetic datasets.

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