AEG Summer Greetings

Good morning AEG members and friends of AEG,

I hope everyone is enjoying summer. The AEG annual meeting in Salt Lake in Sept is approaching and you can still register at a discount before August 1:

Our section will host the annual meeting in Seattle next year and will have a great assortment of technical presentation topics, symposia, short courses and fieldtrips. If you are interesting in helping with the planning for the Seattle meeting please contact me, Mark Molinari or Kathy Troost to get more information. Past Chair John de La Chapelle is serving as fieldtrip committee chair and has a great lineup of a dozen or so trips. In that regard WA Section AEG will not have a fieldtrip this fall.

For those that still want to attend a fieldtrip this summer, our friends and colleagues at NWGS are hosting a field trip from Stevens Pass to Blewett Pass to Easton on 8-9 Sept (see text below). You can get more information on that over the coming weeks here:

If you are interested in seeing an update on Elwha Dam removal images check this out:


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From: Eric Cheney [mailto:vaalbara]

I’ll be leading a NWGS field trip from Stevens Pass to Blewett
Pass to Easton on 8-9 Sept. You may be interested. If you are a NWGS
member you’ll get notification; otherwise, periodically check

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