Pcc_seminars Today: Antarctic presentations doubleheader Friday, 13 July, ATG 310C, 12:15 pm

Doubleheaders aren’t just for baseball! You are invited to attend an

exciting pair of presentation about Antarctica on Friday, 13 July. First 
a slideshow to set the scene and then a talk about ice physics.
Slideshow by Professor Steve Warren
Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington
"Springtime in the Antarctic Ocean"
A ship voyage from Australia to Antarctica (sea ice, icebergs, penguins, 
seals, . . . )
Friday 13 July at 12:15 in ATG 310c
Science talk by Dr. Inga Smith
Department of Physics, University of Otago
"How do Antarctic ice shelves affect sea ice growth rates?"
Friday 13 July at 1:30 in ATG 310c

Cecilia Bitz
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Atmospheric Sciences box 351640
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