Rocking Out Geology visit in WALLINGFORD, anytime between AUGUST 6th-10th

Looking for volunteers to lead a 1-2 hour lesson with ~20 8-11 years olds. I just led a lesson with this group yesterday, it was a lot of fun. @ the Meridian School in Wallingford (~10 min. drive). We have supplies and transportation, we just NEED YOU TO VOLUNTEER!

RSVP if interested, i’ll give you the details.


Karl A. Lang
University of Washington
Dept. Earth and Space Science
Box 351310
Seattle, WA 98195, USA

From: Skye Grace <missskyegrace>

Hi Karl,

My fellow group leader Lisa at the Meridian School recommended I email you. We are having a career themed week the week of August 6th-10th, and was wondering if you would be willing to come in and visit with my students one day that week, hopefully on Tuesday the 7th or Friday the 10th? We have 20 students ages 8-11 that would love to learn about being a geologist!!

Thanks so much!