Musical Traditions of Native North America: Please spread the word

AIS 110 Musical Traditions of Native North America

TWTh 940-1230 (B-TERM)

Instructor: Carol Warrior

5 Credits, VLPA

This course will introduce students to North American Indigenous music. Our goal will be to develop an awareness of the aesthetics, purposes, and innovations that characterize Native American musical forms. Students will learn about socio-historical contexts of colonization and sovereignty, and how they influence the production and reception of North American Indigenous musical expression. Other topics of focus will include issues of representation, cultural property ownership, and ethical concerns. Our readings, as well as the music we listen to and see performed in film, will be organized according to overlapping themes and genres such as “welcoming, asking permission and thanksgiving,” to “revitalization and resistance,” and more. Students will learnthat as with many Indigenous art forms, music exists in a means to express cultural continuity, and is embedded in all aspects of Native American social life.

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2012 Elwha River Science Symposium – REGISTRATION CLOSES FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012.

Good afternoon AEG members and friends of AEG,

Some of you will remember Anne Shaffer from the 2010 fieldtrip. You might want to view the Elwha River aerial photography link and information to the 2012 Elwha River Science Symposium in the trailing emails. That is one impressive sediment plume at the mouth of the Elwha.

Hope everyone is enjoying summer,

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Here is the info for the upcoming elwha science conference please forward to the group?

Also, Tom Roorda’s site is Please forward also and be sure and check out the plume photos. Stunning. I’ll add you to our cwi info email list so you’ll get these posts somewhat regularly. Thanks again for a great tour.

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2012 Elwha River Science Symposium


The 2012 Elwha River Science Symposium organizing committee is pleased to announce that registration is open for the 2012 Elwha River Science Symposium. The multi-day 2012 Elwha River Science Symposium will be held August 20-24, 2012 in the Port Angeles, Washington region and will include a science conference, a field trip, and two public outreach events. Please find schedule, registration and abstract submittal information at the Symposium website:

Registration is required for two of the events: the Field Trip and the 2-day Science Conference. The 2-day Science Conference will be hosted by NatureBridge, and one registration option includes 2-nights of housing all all meals included at the NatureBridge campus. There are also two free public events that will be held at Peninsula College that do not require registration.

Registration closes on July 13, 2012, and we expect these events to sell out. Please register early!

Tell your friends and colleagues.

Jonathan A. Warrick, Ph.D.

U.S. Geological Survey

Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center



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Funding Available – SACNAS conference Oct. 11-14

Funding Available: CoEnv support for SACNAS conference registration:

The City of Seattle and UW are hosting the national SACNAS conference this year (October 11-14) and the College of the Environment is providing support (up to $350, the cost of registration) to students who wish to attend. Priority will be given to students presenting their research, but funds may be available for students not presenting. If you are a member of SACNAS or affiliated with GO-MAP, please first check with these organizations for registration funding. If you are not eligible for funding through SACNAS or GO-MAP, please provide an application with the following:

1. Your name and presentation title (if applicable)

2. An explanation of how attending the conference will advance your career (200 words, max)

3. Total amount requested from CoEnv (up to $350)

Because the SACNAS conference is a local event and requires no travel or lodging, funding is to be used for conference registration only. Applications are due by July 27 and applicants will be notified by August 10. Please email applications to coenvaad.

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