Rocking Out Guest Speaker Request JULY 9th-27th, ASTRONOMY/ARCHAEOLOGY, 4th/5th graders

For all those Space scientists (and archaeologists?) out in ESS-land, here is a request for a classroom visit this month!

We can get you a car/transportation and materials, if you are interested, just RSVP to me.

Karl (karllang)

From: "Holliday, Amy" <aholliday>
Subject: Guest Speaker Request

Hello! My name is Amy Holliday, and I’m an enrichment educator in the Lake Washington School District. This summer, I’m teaching classes of 6-8 gifted learners at The Overlake School about archaeology and astronomy from July 9th – 27th. If someone in the Earth and Space Sciences department at UW is interested, I would love to have them visit our classroom and share their knowledge with my incoming 4th/5th graders. It’s a very open-ended curriculum (I’m still working on writing it), so any area of expertise involving astronomy and/or archaeology would be EXCELLENT!

Please let me know if this is a possibility, and forward it on to someone who might enjoy this if it’s not! Thank you!

Amy Holliday
Pull-Out Quest Teacher
Franklin Elementary
(206) 999-9889