Summer 2012 Internet Courses: BSE 190A, 190B, 211, no extra fees, I&S,NW, and VLPA

BSE 190A: “Renewable Energy and Bioenergy” Prof. Renata Bura

I&S/NW Internet Course

B term only SLN 10552 (5 credits)

Have you ever wondered…Whether fuel ethanol is sustainable?

If you can run your car on vegetable oil?

If you can make ethanol to fuel your car from trees?

What kind of research on biofuels is happening at the UW?

BSE 190B: “Renewable Energy and Bioenergy” Prof. Kevin Hodgson

I&S/NW Internet Course

A term only SLN 10553 (5 credits)

Are you interested in learning about

bioenergy, solar, wind, geothermal,

hydro, and tidal power?

BSE 211: Creativity and Society

I&S/VLPA Internet Course

Full-term SLN 10554 (5 credits)

Explores the nature of creativity and innovation in U.S. and other societies. Investigates the processes of thinking and techniques of idea generation in fields such as art, music, science, engineering and medicine.

Lisa Nordlund

Undergraduate Adviser

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

College of the Environment

University of Washington

Box 352100, Seattle, WA 98195-2100

206-543-3077 VM 206-685-0790 FAX

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