Dawg Daze Event Volunteers

Hello fellow ESS-ers,

We are working on hosting an event for 2012 Dawg Daze and we need your help! If anyone is interested in giving a lab tour, making liquid nitrogen ice cream, helping run the cryovolcano demo please let me know. Our dates are flexible but we are looking at holding an event either Friday September 21st, Saturday the 22nd, or Saturday the 29th. It will be extremely laid back, we just want to talk to the new Freshmen and get them interested in ESS, after all some of them will be your students/peers in the Fall. If you have any ideas for events or are wanting to help out (in any way) please e-mail me at esshry . You do not have to fully commit to anything at this point, I just want to get an idea of how many people willing to help. Thanks!

-Dana Hansen