Academic Careers Workshop Series – Starts Next Week

Dear Grad Students & Postdocs:

The Career Center is pleased to be able to offer 6 events just for grad students and postdocs this summer. Five of the workshops are part of our annual Academic Careers series – these sessions are FREE! The remaining event is our two-day Dependable Strengths Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs.

Additionally, we’re offering a handful of nuts-and-bolts job search workshops – on topics like resumes, interviews, networking, and finding jobs – that are free and open to undergrads, grad students, postdocs, and alumni.

Best wishes for a great summer!

Briana K. Keller, Ph.D.
Assistant Director

Career Center


Academic Careers: Getting Started Panel
Are you going on the faculty job market this year or next? Come learn about the "big picture" of the academic job search process. We’ll discuss topics such as clarifying your desires, getting your application materials started, searching for positions, and managing your life. A typical faculty job search timeline will be provided. Speakers will include a career counselor and a handful of students and postdocs who successfully landed faculty jobs in recent months. No registration required.

Tues, June 26, 12:30-1:45, Smith 120.

Academic Careers: CVs
Having your CV up to date is always a good idea because you never know when a fellowship, TA/RA, or job opportunity will arise. We’ll discuss tips regarding CV preparation, review a few sample CVs, provide time for you to reflect on your CV, & answer your questions. No registration required.

Mon, July 9, 12:30-1:30, Smith 120

Academic Careers: Cover Letters & Letters of Recommendation
Many students experience writer’s block when it comes to cover letters. We’ll discuss strategies for marketing your skills and experiences in a cover letter and provide you the opportunity to start thinking about your top selling points. We’ll also discuss how to select, prepare, and coach your reference letter-writers, and how to use Interfolio to collect and manage your recommendation letters. No registration required.

Tues, July 17, 12:30-1:30, Smith 120

Academic Careers: Research Statements
Many faculty job postings – in a variety of disciplines and in an array of institutions – require that candidates send a Research Statement. Being able to write coherently about your past/current research efforts and articulately about your future research plans is very important. Come learn what search committees are looking for and spend time brainstorming a few ideas for your research statement. Sample statements will be provided. No registration required.

Thurs, July 26, 12:30-1:30, Savery 260

Academic Careers: Teaching Statements
Academic job postings often require that applicants send a teaching statement, teaching philosophy, or teaching portfolio. Come listen to an expert from the Center for Teaching & Learning share tips for writing effectively about your teaching – even if you don’t have much teaching experience! Participants will have time to draft some ideas and get feedback from other graduate students. No registration required.

Wed, Aug 1, 12:30-1:45, Bagley 260

Dependable Strengths Seminar for Grad Students & Postdocs
The Dependable Strengths seminar provides a safe place for grad students, postdocs, & graduate-level alumni to explore their good experiences to discover their unique patterns of strengths; consider which strengths they want to use in a career; write a report that articulates their strengths and reflects their potential; and learn to use the report to make connections, enhance application materials, and improve interviews. Cost is $100 for students ($160-$200 for postdocs & alumni). Register by August 9th –

Fri & Mon, Aug 17 & 20, 8:15-5:00, The Career Center

WORKSHOPS OPEN TO EVERYBODY (held at the Career Center)

Resumes & Cover Letters
6/20, 3:30-4:30; 7/18, 3:30-4:30; 8/9, 3:30-4:30

Finding Jobs & Internships
7/6, 1:30-2:30; 7/26, 2:30-3:30; 8/15, 3:30-4:30

Successful Interviews
7/12, 2:30-3:30; 8/1, 3:30-4:30

Networking for Shy People (& Everyone!)
7/13, 1:00-2:00; 7/24, 4:00-5:00; 8/24, 1:00-2:00

Career Launch Workshop – Registration required –
, 10:00-3:00, MGH 241
8/23, 10:00-3:00, MGH 134

Briana K Keller, PhD
Assistant Director
The Career Center
University of Washington


Briana K Keller, PhD
Assistant Director
The Career Center
University of Washington