Undergraduate Research Funding (Levinson & WRF)-Apply by July 2

URP Research Scholarships for Advanced Undergraduates

The Levinson Emerging Scholars Program (research in the sciences) *
Due July 2, 2012 by 5pm
Supports talented and motivated UW juniors and seniors who want to pursue creative and highly independent research in genetics, neuroscience, biochemistry, bioengineering, bioinformatics, and related fields in the life sciences. More information available at: http://exp.washington.edu/urp/levinson/

Washington Research Foundation Fellowships (WRFF) (research in science or engineering) *
Due July 2, 2012 by 5pm
For advanced undergraduates who work on creative and sophisticated science and engineering research projects under the guidance of UW faculty. More information available at: http://exp.washington.edu/urp/wrff/

* Note: This year, the Levinson and WRFF applications are combined. You have the option to apply for one or both, but you must add a budget proposal if applying to Levinson.

Questions? Contact the staff of Undergraduate Research Program at urp or drop by our office in 171 MGH.


URP Staff

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