NW & VLPA: Fall in Beautiful Friday Harbor

There is surely no nicer way to pick up Natural World and VLPA credits while spending fall in the beautiful San Juan Islands. This is an integrated-studies program with the marine environment as its theme, and it is co-taught by Marine Biology faculty Emily Carrington and Adam Summers, and by English professor and MacArthur-award-winning poet Richard Kenney.

The cost of the program is comprehensive: it includes fall tuition and room and board. It is arranged so as to be approximately the same cost as living on campus and being enrolled in classes full time. Students can earn 12 to 17 credits in this program (their choice).

The Friday Harbor Labs facility is beautiful, and is a perfect place to learn, explore, and play. Please see the announcement below for more information, or contact Professor Richard Kenney at rk. Space in the program is limited and students are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Study in the San Juans this Fall!

Friday Harbor isn’t just for science majors and poetry isn’t just for creative writing majors in this new, quarter-long program in collaboration with the Friday Harbor Laboratories (FHL), the College on the Environment, and the Department of English. After teaching four successful sessions of the two-week poetry seminar (since 2008) Professor Richard Kenney will be teaching Creative Writing and Literature courses as a part of the Marine Biology Quarter at Friday Harbor during Autumn Quarter 2012.

This Fall, live by the sea and enroll in courses that explore the beautiful and varied marine environment at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor campus. Read, write, and explore the sea and the seashore through literature, creative writing, marine biology, and fisheries courses (12-17 credits) that take full advantage of the San Juan Island setting. What better place to read Herman Melville’s famous masterpiece and other works of sea-faring literature, or to take a marine biology course where you can actually interact with the marine life you are studying? Writers, artists, scientists, and researchers have long been drawn to the sea – come and experience it for yourself while earning UW credit!

The English courses, Reading the Marine Environment (ENGL 365 or CHID 498, 5cr), Writing the Marine Environment (ENGL 283/383/483 or CHID 498, 5 cr), and an optional Creative Writing Lab/Workshop (ENGL 493, 2 cr) will be taught by Professor Richard Kenney in the Department of English. Students who are interested in taking science courses or who need Natural World (NW) creditmay also wish to register for Introduction to Marine Biology, (FISH/BIOL/OCEAN 250, 5cr), which has no required pre-requisites and will be taught by Dr. Emily Carrington from the Department of Biology; or Ichthyology, (FISH 311, 5cr) taught by Dr. Adam Summers from the Department of Fisheries.

More information at http://depts.washington.edu/engl/cw/poetryfh12.php