PoE is hiring 2 TAs for WIN 2012 for ENVIR 100

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PoE is hiring 2 TA’s for Winter Quarter 2012 for ENVIR 100.
To apply go to UWHires (https://uwhires.admin.washington.edu/eng/candidates/default.cfm?szLocationID=88) and enter in Req #79070

ENVIR 100 is the gateway course to the Environmental Studies major and is the first in a 4-quarter series of classes required of all ENVIR majors and minors. This course is open to all undergraduates.

Each T.A. will lead three sections total. (Sections meet on either Tuesdays or Thursdays.) Each TA will also assist the instructors with mentoring the 3 undergraduate Peer TAs, who will each lead one discussion section.

Course Information:
Course Number and Name: ENVIR 100: Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Foundations Quarter Offered: Winter 2012
Instructors: Tom Hinckley, College of Forest Resources, and Yoram Bauman, Program on the Environment (Ph.D. in Economics)

Course Website: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/workspace/yoram/3150/13550

Course Schedule:

Winter 2012
Lecture: MWF 9:30-10:20
Discussion Sections: T or TH various times

TA responsibilities include:
Attending all lectures.
Running three discussion sections, each meeting once a week for 1-2 hours.

Arranging lecture and discussion logistics and activities, and preparing course materials Additional course-specific requirements of the instructors.

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