First Rockin’ Out of the Year!

In case you have not heard of Rockin’ Out: this is the departmental outreach group, organized and run by grad students that sends grads to work with K-12 students on short labs covering (usually) basic concepts in the geosciences. You can subscribe directly to the listserv by replying to me with your email… the listserv is rocknout. It is SUPER FUN TO TEACH KIDS SCIENCE.

We have a few opportunities opening up this year, the first is at the Open Window School on Cougar Mountain, Bellevue; I have worked here before and it’s really a great place with lots of interested students. The corresponding teacher wants to run our ever-popular “Identifying Rocks” lab for sixth graders with a special focus on igneous rocks and volcanoes… (last year I brought a map of mt st helens which was also popular)… with the potential for a brief hike!

Times: a two hour lesson from 10:30 to 12:20, still pretty flexible dates, but likely either: Nov. 1, Nov. 3, Nov. 8, Nov. 15, or Nov. 17; if you are interested, let me know what dates would work best for you, we’d like to do this ASAP…

If you are interested, please reply (karllang) with dates that work for you, I can help you get all the materials you need, a UCAR (if necessary, or reimbursements)


ps. I have received notice of another opportunity in the works… so stay tuned, and if you want to hear more opportunities in the future, please sign up for the rockin’ out listserv!

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