ESS GALA: ESS Research Gala March 30-31, 2011


You’re invited to join us for the F-ESS-tivities . . .

Welcome to the University of Washington Department of Earth and Space Sciences’ Research Gala website.  The 2011 Gala is our 2nd annual spring research symposium highlighting current graduate and undergraduate student research.

Please browse our site for details and information.

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The 2011 Research Gala is a graduate student organized symposium supported by the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington.  The Gala provides a venue for graduate and undergraduate students to present their work to colleagues, academics from other departments, and professional scientists in the community.

The Gala invites not only members of the Earth and Space Sciences Department but guests from governmental and private agencies interested in the many research areas of ESS:  climate, planets and space, geobiology, solid earth and surface processes.

The goal of the Gala is to provide students with valuable feedback early in their careers.  In addition, the best student presentations will receive monetary awards funded by our department, alumni and sponsors.

The Gala will be a two day event with many f-ESS-tivities, so please browse our schedule to learn more about the Research Forum, Keynote Speaker, Gala Reception, Awards Ceremony, and Slideshow.