AAC grants and rescue insurance

Hi Grads,
I would like to bring your attention to the American Alpine Club (AAC) membership and grants program. I’m emailing because this has been a very useful resource for me. Read on if this has piqued your interest.

The AAC awards a number of grants each year for research, exploring, and climbing objectives. I received a research grant last year for radar work on Blue Glacier on Mt Olympus. I have received climbing grants from the AAC before as well. All of the AAC grants have short applications (but I supplemented mine with more description about what I intended to do with the award including maps). Grants are due 1 March. Find out more about AAC grants here: http://www.americanalpineclub.org/grants

I have found the AAC to be a worthwhile membership for several reasons listed below. The first reason being what convinced me to join.
– Global rescue insurance. Rescue insurance makes me feel better when I go out for fieldwork or other boondoggles in the hills. It’s insane what a mountain rescue can cost even skiing inbounds. It’s never been clear to me what UW would pay for fieldwork emergencies. This is cheap piece of mind. – Grants. (see above)
– Library. The AAC has an extensive library from which you can peruse and order books from online. Books then arrive in your mail and you only pay return shipping. I have found classics that are either in the reserves at UW–presenting a pain to access, or simply not in print and not available elsewhere.
– Accidents in North American Mountaineering and American Alpine Journal publications. These books arrive in the mail once a year and I can’t put them down when they arrive.
– Check online for more benefits including magazine subscription and lodging discounts.

More information can be found on the website:

The AAC annual event weekend is 2/25. If you are thinking about joining, there is free admission to the ‘climber party’ on 2/25 at the Mountaineers Lodge if you join at the door. Bluewater, the finest vodka ever, is sponsoring some auction items and I plan to be there. http://www.americanalpineclub.org/pt/2011annualbenefitweekendschedule